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Chemistrie Sunlens 

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Chemistrie Sunlenses

Chemistrie Sunlenses incorporate patented breakthrough technology, creating a new optical product to address the unfulfilled needs of the magnetic sunwear market. The innovative design and manufacturing process embeds miniature magnets inside the prescription lens, resulting in a self-aligning fit, producing elegant, transparent prescription sunwear.

Chemistrie Sunlens Product Features


  • Custom manufactured per patient order
  • Base curve-matched to prescription lens
  • Polarized lenses offered in 8 tints and 8 mirrored tints
  • Manufactured for any frame style
  • Manufactured in all lens materials except glass and acrylic
  • Swarovski crystals offered in 12 colors
  • Bridges are 100% titanium and are offered in three colors and three sizes for accurate matching
  • Spool magnets will not separate from prescription lenses or Chemistrie Sunlenses

Chemistrie Sunlens Patient Benefits

  • Patient can select any frame style
  • Numerous lens tints to meet every customer need
  • Alternative choice for patients who elect not to purchase a second pair of glasses
  • Cosmetically appealing and superior to standard clip products
  • Ability to changs lens tints to meet a variety of lighting conditions
  • Cost-effective for patients who select multiple colors
  • Glasses remain light weight and comfortable
  • Easy to place on and take off glasses

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